Monday, March 28, 2011

Mannequin Art

I have made 3 life size figures in my Mannequin Treasures series, using themes like buttons, lace and rhinestones. Now I am making a series of 15" size using recycled embroidery, buttons,tassels, lace, jewelry pieces fabrics and found elements. It is enjoyable for me to put together, and to use up treasures that I have collected for years. I am not buying anything new but using what I have on hand. I have some beautiful pieces of lace and trim that I like to bring to life in this way, instead of keeping them tucked away. I also like incorporating memory elements, like fabrics and tiny pictures that belonged to someone. This one is a hand stitched embroidery peacock with antique buttons and shell buttons with many other elements, and I am still adding on to it. The peacock is silk thread, and was part of a framed picture that was partly destroyed , and badly faded. The tassels are also vintage silk handmade.

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