Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A New Group

Now I joined an online group called www.artdollsonly.ning.com
Looks like it will be good. There is alot of nice work there, you can find me under Lynne R. Yale there under members. I am adding pictures, and looking around, it is a fun way to network!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going Home

Tomorrow I am going to San Diego for a visit, and all my family is there, except for my daughters. It's been 5 years since I moved to Oregon, so it will be nice to see everyone again.
We will all visit at Easter Sunday at my brother's home. I am excited! But I will take a head to work when we are sitting around at night. My nylon sculpted heads take alot of hours to complete, and all I need is a nylon stuffed ball of fiberfill and needle and thread, and eyes. I can't not do something with my hands if I am idle.....
I find that I come back refreshed and more ideas come to my head when I take breaks like this.
Just keep paper and pencil ready to jot down the ideas.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Right Look

I am still strugling with getting the right look with my work. It seems that a figure is done, until I take a look at it later and notice that something is off. How is it that I can look at a head and it seems good, then upside down or in a picture it is off? My process is to finish, set it in the living room to view it, then put it away for awhile and later bring it out and try to see it in a new light. Pictures really help too. It is frustrating though. But if a figure takes a good picture in any light or background, I know it's good and finished. Right now I am redoing Obama's nose for the 3rd time, and his color is alittle too dark. he has new glass eyes though, and a good body, so eventually he will be done! It is a good thing that I work on a few things at the same time, so I have time for a review of each.