Monday, March 28, 2011

More Mannequin Art

2 more examples of using lace beads and trim on a torso..

Mannequin Art

I have made 3 life size figures in my Mannequin Treasures series, using themes like buttons, lace and rhinestones. Now I am making a series of 15" size using recycled embroidery, buttons,tassels, lace, jewelry pieces fabrics and found elements. It is enjoyable for me to put together, and to use up treasures that I have collected for years. I am not buying anything new but using what I have on hand. I have some beautiful pieces of lace and trim that I like to bring to life in this way, instead of keeping them tucked away. I also like incorporating memory elements, like fabrics and tiny pictures that belonged to someone. This one is a hand stitched embroidery peacock with antique buttons and shell buttons with many other elements, and I am still adding on to it. The peacock is silk thread, and was part of a framed picture that was partly destroyed , and badly faded. The tassels are also vintage silk handmade.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Henry VIII , wating for dinner

I have been working on Henry theVIII for some time, and I am going to make him a dagger and gloves for his hands, but got an idea to use a fork and knife for the time being, and then it made me smile to see him serious about waiting for his food. Maybe I should add a bit of whimsey to some of my work. He is 26" high on his wood base, cloth body with paper clay head and hands. Glass eyes and mohair beard. My friend Roberta actually started a Henry 8th figure years ago and got tired of him, so she sent me his things, and I used the shirt she made, and some of her fabrics. Thanks, Roberta! It's been fun making far.